Q & A / FAQs: What do our doctors think?

Explain how your service is "the art and science of smiles."

We love working with our hands. There is sculpture and care involved in our practice on both a medical level and an aesthetic level. We will always aim to consider the simplest, most conservative options first. We can make an impact on the look of your smile by using conservative ways of replacing stained, chipped, missing or worn teeth, even before considering any more involved options. We listen and work closely with our patients to help achieve their optimal goals.

Is this different from what dentists offer?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we don't propose treatments independently. We ask our patients, "What would you like to achieve?" then add our professional expertise and work together to meet those goals. We want to restore what nature intended as much as possible and don't necessarily believe everyone should have a "Hollywood" smile. We don't insist on placing veneers on 10 teeth in order to get the best result!

How connected are you to each patient's circumstances?

We believe it's vital and important to listen to our patients, and address their concerns, and we always treat patients the way we want to be treated. We wouldn't administer anything on a patient we wouldn't do for our own families. You are in safe and caring hands at Emagen Dental.

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